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12/8/2014 | 6:28:49 AM
Re: app options
Ideally they should keep the alternative. There isn't much information about the Store from Opera currently and it would be nice if they detail this more.
12/1/2014 | 9:45:31 PM
Re: app options
I prefer to pay per app download. I'm really curious to see how well the Opera store is received.
11/28/2014 | 9:48:03 AM
Re: app options
This is very interesting for operators. I am very interested knowing what operators will be charged for having an opera store, how are they allowed to charge their customers back and what happens regading in app payments?

I heard MTS in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine as well as TIM in Brazil, and XL in Indonesia have released this for less than a dollar weekly.
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11/27/2014 | 5:13:30 AM
Re: app options
Good initiative and very relevant. The success of this would be dependent upon:

a. Content - its ease of discovery and relevance. One size fit all model wont work. And that would create pressure on bottomline (app makers would look for minimum guaruntees)

b. Pricing - Generally the target segment (mainly non-credit card holders) wouldn't be high ARPU customers and thus pricing has to be affordable and innovative.

c. Purchase flow : has to be simple, one-click and you are done.

d. Positioning & availability of Opera App Store on User handset : In markets where the handset is not bundled by the operator in tarrif plan, it would be a key challenge to get users download this app store
11/27/2014 | 2:17:57 AM
Re: app options
For starters, I am very glad to see how they've continued to stay at it during the tumulous times we've all been witness to.     As long as they make it simple and basically "one click", it can work--and I for one will be testing it over the ensuing weeks. :-) 
11/26/2014 | 11:03:50 AM
app options
One big determinant of the success of this is, of course, the quality of apps that Opera/the operators have to offer. They've promised they will be hot apps. Examples they've given at launch include Minecraft, Angry Birds Star Wars II, My Talking Tom, and Ice Age.

What do you think -- do you prefer paying for apps per download, or would a subscription service like this strike your fancy?

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