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[email protected]
11/27/2014 | 11:28:46 AM
Re: Consolidation of this kind feels like the only game in town...
Thanks Bob -- and yes, you're right, this is a scenario I expect we will see across Europe, and in each it will be a tortuous process...


Bloomberg has puboished a report that suggests BT favours EE but that striking a deal with two owners might be a tougher proposition



11/26/2014 | 4:03:58 AM
Consolidation of this kind feels like the only game in town...
not just here, but right across Europe, with quad-play starting to seem like minimum table stakes as the great game moves into its new phase. I agree that EE would be a better target, and it could make a for an exciting combination, with all kinds of potential to really boost the UK's hitherto somewhat sluggish digital economy - while still leaving plenty of competition in the market. BT and O2 feels like it could be just a little bit cosy and convenient, notwithstanding that it's a long time since their last separation, and might not have the same dynamic.
11/25/2014 | 9:10:59 PM
Not good for consumers
It seems British telecom market is up for consolidation - in one way or another. But less competition is not good for consumers. Telecoms in UK is already expensive compared to other European nations like Hungary.
Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown
11/25/2014 | 8:38:51 AM
Re: Is BT + EE a good match?
Either way, with two potentially willing sellers in the market, it's a good time for BT to buy.

O2's government and enterprise business would be a good fit for BT. 
[email protected]
11/25/2014 | 8:24:19 AM
Is BT + EE a good match?
so this is just my view -- what are the other (better?) options?

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