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11/27/2014 | 7:39:46 AM
Re: IoT analytics leaders?
I think AT&T's advance in IOT analysing will be determined by the amount of data they can harvest and that too without changing the results of the data, and it depends on how well they can harvest it.
11/27/2014 | 7:37:25 AM
Re: Details, please
I think big data analysts are always going to target data that has a greater priority in the priority chain. Suppose a data comes out from one of the data hubs it is then classified into priorities based on the place of origin, inside the cloud, and tht analysing software analyses the data from highest priority to lowest.
sam masud
sam masud
11/21/2014 | 1:45:09 PM
Details, please
It would be interesting to know if the carriers who've jumped on the big data bandwagon whether they are collecting all data from all services or targeting specific services for data collection--and, if the latter, how do they decide which services they'll target. Secondly, if they've applied analytics to the data, how much ROI are they getting from their investment.
11/20/2014 | 9:08:19 AM
IoT analytics leaders?
Mordyk asked a good question on the chat -- which carriers are the leaders in IoT analytics and what are their strategies? What do you guys think? I said that AT&T is way ahead on IoT and Telefonica seems to have a good grasp of analytics, but I'm not sure which is the leader on actually combining both. Thoughts?

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