brooks7 11/12/2014 | 10:51:02 AM
Re: RIP Cyan My review...http://wp.me/p3XVhG-au

Dan you have a mistake in the article.  The amount of the raise is unspecified on the call.  The answer that came to $5M - $10M was about the amount of working capital required for the firm.


DOShea 11/10/2014 | 4:33:19 PM
Re: RIP Cyan I don't know if I'd say just yet that Cyan is doomed--there are a lot of ways to get the money they need, including an investment from another company. Wouldn't be surprised if one or two mega-vendors have been watching Blue Planet's progress and thinking the same thing.
TomNolle 11/10/2014 | 1:16:29 PM
Re: RIP Cyan Joe, I'd be happy to review a presentation deck from you guys.  If you make a major strategic announcement I'd also take a briefing (30 minutes is my max).  I have seen your stuff and talked so some of your people, and I told one of them my concerns--which I stated here.
joe.cumello 11/10/2014 | 12:57:15 PM
Re: RIP Cyan

Tom, since I've been at Cyan, we've never done a briefing with you, you've never seen our technology live, nor -- as far as I know -- are you involved in any of the 15 SDN/NFV trials with operators in which we're engaged. Since this is the case, we'd like to formally invite you to a one-hour briefing on our technology. Any time this week works for us. 

What do you think? We're looking forward to it. My e-mail is [email protected] 

Joe Cumello, CMO

TomNolle 11/10/2014 | 11:22:56 AM
Re: RIP Cyan Cyan is a demonstration of the difference between working with NFV or SDN, and making NFV or SDN work.  The operators are expecting a business case that's largely driven by major gains in service agility and operations efficiency, and Cyan and others are still taking too narrow a view of what management and orchestration is and does.  As a result, they don't do enough to be compelling.
sowen557 11/10/2014 | 11:14:21 AM
RIP Cyan They do have a lovely management tool BluePlanet but sad to see them die.
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