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10/31/2014 | 1:54:16 PM
Focus on "gee-whiz" common
The focus on the "gee-whiz" factor is nothing new. The same thing happened to movies when talkies were first introduced, to television when color was first introduced, etc. With every new introduction of technology, innovation/quality of the product fell off because it was thought that the new bells and whistles would be enough. Usually they are, but only for a little while.
Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner
10/29/2014 | 3:27:30 PM
Re: It's in the way that you use it
Great points, Jason. A few users will be hypnotized by the prospect of gigabit Internet (I'm one of them!) but most will want to know what they can do with it. 
Tim Downs
Tim Downs
10/29/2014 | 12:44:33 PM
Gigabit City Survey
I find the results of this survey consistent with the perceived driver of network upgrades, which is economic development and attracting new businesses. While any city leader may not know precisely what a gigabit network can be utilized for, it isn't a big leap of faith for that same city leader to propose the deployment of a gigabit network to differentiate their city from others in the region. Businesses all over the country have a choice on where to locate; some choose tax breaks, some choose weather, some choose proximity to an NBA or NFL franchise close. In a globally connected digital economy, more and more business leaders choose state-of-the-art digital infrastructure as a primary reason to move or open up shop in one location over another. As survey respondents said, being a 'tech leader' says it all.
10/29/2014 | 11:41:42 AM
It's in the way that you use it
I'm increasingly convinced that fostering development and availability of gigabit-worthy applications and services must be the primary focus of gigabit service providers if they want to justify and monetize their investments. The implications are broad -- entertainment, education, healthcare and beyond. Video-based collaboration for home-based workers is huge in and of itself, especially considering time-sensitive applications in areas like telepsychiatry and teleradiology. Watch for upcoming coverage here on what Orange is doing in this area to encourage application development. 

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