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DOShea 10/15/2014 | 1:24:19 PM
Re: Are we at light reading or not ? Google certainly has its fingers in a lot of pies these days. If it's getting into drone networking, it'll be interesting to see if it is more serious and aggressive about that sector than it has been about fiber broadband, which it still kind of treats as a hobby.
DanJones 10/15/2014 | 1:07:31 PM
Re: Are we at light reading or not ? Well, Intel and Qualcomm are interested where drones are going  in the IoT sphere. And Facebook and Google have been working on it for a while.

Should we just ignore that?
mendyk 10/15/2014 | 11:50:33 AM
Re: Are we at light reading or not ? "Almost anything is possible. " -- Ned Yost
brooks7 10/15/2014 | 10:14:23 AM
Re: Are we at light reading or not ? See Iridium.


melao2 10/15/2014 | 9:52:54 AM
Re: Are we at light reading or not ? There are places where mobile newtorks never happened.

but going back to our reality, do you really think that for high bandwidth long haul transmission any wireless technology, be it satelite or drones or whatever, will be able to cope with the increasing bandwitdh demands? 

I think "skynet" will bring ubiquity, but for the really high speed transfers required for the future, we still need the good old optical backbone.
DanJones 10/15/2014 | 9:31:25 AM
Re: Are we at light reading or not ? There are places in the world where the fiber optics never happened, hence part of the search for alternatives.
DanJones 10/15/2014 | 9:20:46 AM
Re: Reliable The teams that Facebook and Google bought started with the aim of building solar platforms that stay up for a long time.
PaulERainford 10/15/2014 | 9:15:37 AM
Drone goal Drones - they're certainly disruptive: 

Serbia v Albania ends in riot after drone flag stunt – video

melao2 10/15/2014 | 8:32:39 AM
Are we at light reading or not ? Don't ever say that Optical communication will be over, we are at lightreading, this site started as a Optical Networking news and industry coverage site. And that's why I joined it in 2000. :)


Anyway, now being serious, this is indeed disruptive, but honestly fiber optics are here to stay for a long time just because of the physical limitations involved in wireless communications. The medium cannot handle the same bandwidth as in fibers, so they are here to stay.

VictorRBlake 10/15/2014 | 8:28:58 AM
Reliable Putting aside bandwidth efficiency of microwave, interferrence between them, and a host of other issues. Does anyone really believe that we humans can make machines reliable enough to stay in the air ? Yes satellites stay in place (if geo stationary) beacuse of gravity doing the work, but if we build machines with moving parts they are far lower reliability and they will fail (often I might add). If anything our advances in technology have shown us that over time our technologies have become less and less reliable. This is in part because we (and I mean the global we) are designing systems to be disposable.
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