Mitch Wagner 10/6/2014 | 7:40:58 PM
Networking? I'm looking into how this will effect HP's networking business. I expect not at all. 
mhhf1ve 10/6/2014 | 4:37:24 PM
printers and PCs... I wonder if they tried to sell off the printer/PC business (and found that Lenovo was done buying up stuff in that space). I also wonder why it seems so hard for hardware makers to get into the enterprise market -- eg. Apple+IBM. 

Is there no hope for any enterprise-targeted mobile hardware, besides maybe Blackberry? Has the BYOD trend killed the enterprise market for mobile devices?
melao2 10/6/2014 | 2:30:21 PM
Re: It's official So now can we consider that the "Classic HP" is actually Agilent ?

Just a strange thought crossed my mind... Maybe I am geting old.
mendyk 10/6/2014 | 1:28:35 PM
Re: It's official The fact that HP's board of directors has a reputation for questionable decision-making adds to the concern.
brooks7 10/6/2014 | 12:41:10 PM
Re: It's official I always bet (as a shareholder) on management teams.  One headed by Russo would make my "Time to Short" list.


mendyk 10/6/2014 | 10:07:22 AM
Re: It's official As nice as it is to see a familiar old name back in the news, I wonder if HP shareholders are going to be happy with this move after the dust settles.
[email protected] 10/6/2014 | 9:12:54 AM
It's official HP officially announced that it's doing the splits, with Russo as chairman of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
[email protected] 10/6/2014 | 8:22:42 AM
It's a small world! I wonder if Pat Russo will be in charge of finding the right merger partner for HP enterprise? Wold be easier to sorty out without PCs and printers being part of a deal.
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