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10/30/2014 | 2:07:14 PM
Re: Fair competition
In my city there is no Municipal Broadband, however, the municipality keeps track of the records and IP addresses of the broadband owners and customers and does routine 't checks to ensure that data isn't being stolen. The business policies are different, however if the municipality feels like the business policies are being harmed then there might be a municipal broadband for everyone to subscribe to.
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10/8/2014 | 9:26:21 AM
Chattanooga gig
At no point did the president of Chattanooga's EPB ever say that they were charging $350 for a gig "because we can". What he said was that they were offering a gig "because we can".EPB was also one of the first to lower the price of the gig. It's dishonest to claim otherwise.
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10/7/2014 | 3:04:13 PM
Not entirely accurate
I've been covering muni broadband in Utah since 2006. There's a number of inaccuracies in this article.

No Utah city has raised sales taxes in response to muni broadband despite the insistence of groups like the Utah Taxpayers Association (which includes a CenturyLink VP on its board). WVC and Orem have raised property taxes, but this is primarily because these cities bet very heavily on retail revenues that have been decimated by competition from neighboring cities and online retailers. Provo created a utility fee to pay for their network and they have a waiver for the indigent. Their network is also very deeply woven into city operations.

Provo did not sell its network. It granted an indefinite lease of the network to Google for $1 and $18.7M in closing costs. At that time, the network was generating enough revenue to cover expenses and bonds, but not enough for new customers or network upgrades. This is a pretty close to break-even scenario.

You also omit Spanish Fork from the Utah scene, a network that generates more than $500K annually for the city.
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10/6/2014 | 10:43:00 PM
missed a question...
I would think the first question should be: is municipal broadband prohibited by state law? :P
Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner,
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10/6/2014 | 7:37:21 PM
Fair competition
There is no reason municipalities should be required to be fair to carriers when setting up muncipal broadband. Particularly considering that municipalities set up broadband when private service is inadequate. 
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10/6/2014 | 3:13:31 AM
Re: Way to go
As I am sure all know, elements of this already are happening--as epitomized in my local community.    All parks & key city institutions already offer Free Wi-Fi.      I see it as just as  matter of time that the cost becomes so managable that the revenue stream noted is really not for discussion anymore because they can see to it that private sponsorship helps to cover it--This is already seen somewhat in schools (as GYMS/ETC are decorated with sponsorships) and municipal buses.      Cities have to look at such creativity though to help spruce up ease of doing business and to enhance the level of service to the community.   
sam masud
sam masud,
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10/3/2014 | 3:51:41 PM
Way to go
I've been a believer in Muni BB for many, many years. There are some things government, specially local government, can do just as well or better than a for-profit provider, which puts big fat profits over everything else. At the end of the day, it comes down to how you run things, whether you're the government or a company. Finally, with government, folks always have the option to throw the bums out.

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