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TV Monitor
TV Monitor,
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9/23/2014 | 6:59:59 PM
Re: 2020 Isn't Feasible
2020 is definitely feasible, especially if a limited roll out takes place in Korea only, similar to how LTE-A is already available Korea since this spring with a number of Korea-only phones from Samsung and LG for the time being, years before LTE-A would become available elsewhere.

There is certain degree of urgency for this accelerated launch, as it has basically come down to Korean 28 Ghz mmWave band standard(also adopted by EU) vs Chinese 2~10 Ghz band turbo TD-LTE standard that the Chinese are promising to match Korean speed at a lower cost for the dominance and control of 5G.

This is the national pride thing that's driving both Korea and China to push ahead with 5G regardless of whether the rest of the world is ready for 5G or not. It is expected that developed countries will go with the Korean solution to open up new spectrum for communication, while developing countries would go with the Chinese solution for a lower deployment cost since they still have a good chunk of lower-band spectrum available for 5G services.
Liz Greenberg
Liz Greenberg,
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9/23/2014 | 6:41:43 PM
Re: 2020 Isn't Feasible
The worst part about the fighting is that it is always most difficult for the consumer and in the end drives up costs for handsets as they have to cover more variants.  You would think by now that the mobile industry would get it and learn to get along.  Maybe it is similar to hearding cats...no singular direction and no feasible timeline as they continuously scatter and fight?
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9/23/2014 | 3:02:47 PM
2020 Isn't Feasible
"In the meantime there are concerns that if 5G standards are not agreed upon soon, then operators will face the same problem they encountered with 3G: There will be several network "standards" as various camps rush to commercialize their variants of 5G."

As much as I think it would be a good idea to have a standard for 5G by 2020, I just don't think it's feasible and we're going to just watch history repeat itself.  In my experience, getting standards agreed upon is like getting the right toppings on a pizza for a group of people.  I think the camps would rather fight for their variant than compromise.  

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