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9/18/2014 | 10:08:30 AM
US municipal fiber
I can see the approach taking off in some parts of the US - clearly huge differences in circumstances across the country, although there's a real opportunity for the US to learn from the European experience.
9/18/2014 | 2:31:25 PM
Re: US municipal fiber
I would ideally like to see municipal sponsoring, but I think in the U.S. there's way too much resistance to adding taxpayer dollars to something conservatives think should always be handled by private industry. Europe seems to have much less of this philosophical outlook and so fares better there when well planned.
9/18/2014 | 5:10:35 PM
Re: US Municipal fiber
kq4ym, I share your view on municipalities being the ideal, but the limits for US cities.   That is why I also think Graham's identification of utilities as being a possible source makes sense.

I am thinking someone is going to come up with the right mix (ie "Goldilocks") of utility with cities/utility companies and a hybrid connection with carriers, providing the industry expertise.  Maybe that is a fairy tale?


9/19/2014 | 1:44:59 PM
contribution to GDP & GNP
@ Graham:

Thanks for sharing the European case studies. Its interesting to see how countries differ in their approach and in their results.

Any stats on how has FTTx contributed to the GDP or GNP in these countries?
9/19/2014 | 8:19:22 PM
Re: Contribution to GDP & GNP
nasimson, good point.  The ability to measure and track contribution to GDP and GNP can certainly stimulate wider adoption and use.  I believe we don't pay as much attention to the new value being created as we should.
10/6/2014 | 4:37:12 PM
Municipal infrastructure coordination
Municipal infrastructure coordination was the most popular choice when attendees at the recent UBB Forum in London were asked what they believed was the most important thing that governments to could do to support broadband development, getting 36% of votes. Next one down was financial support, with 23%.

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