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10/30/2014 | 7:09:42 PM
Switching Breakthrough - any info on energy effeciency?
as bandwith hunger seems to be almost unlimited, while the infrastructure needs to bascially scale "in a tightly boxed place", one of the issues is to not break out of all bounds with reagard to energy density / consumption / clima control.

Is there any information by Cavium (or others) with tangible and plausible forecats / expectations / targets in the field of energy consumption per bandwith for high performance packet handling silicon?

[email protected]
9/16/2014 | 6:01:29 PM
Re: Correction Needed
Thanks GC!

That speed ref updated to 3.2 TBit/s from my slip of having put 3.2 GBit/s originally.... I guess I am so used to typing Gbit/s and not Tbit/s (at least at the moment!)


Yes, this really does look like a fire has been lit underneath the Ethernet switch sector...
9/16/2014 | 4:12:39 PM
Correction Needed
In the 11th paragraph, 3rd sentence, a correction is need to 3.2Tbit/s.  Otherwise interessting article.  I would like to see the wworking proff.  Can't wait!
[email protected]
9/16/2014 | 1:24:52 PM
Early advanatge, but....
Cavium appears to have an early advantage in having a unique set of capabilities that plays to industry demand.

But, as in other sectors, the incumbents - particularly Broadcom, in this case - will not sit back and just  let this happen. 

I expect a swift response from BroadCom and a competitive environment come Q4 2015 when system products hit the data centers.

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