[email protected] 8/28/2014 | 12:43:44 PM
Deutsche Telekom stat is telling I think the fact that a number of seasoned operators are investing in vectoring, and the stats quoted by Deutsche Telekom of the cost in relation to FTTH to deliver broadband speeds that will do at least for the near-term, are enough to make vectoring a convincing technology in certain markets.

And it's not like this is brand new - this technology has been tested for years, so it's well known to the test teams at the operators.
iainmorris 8/31/2014 | 4:45:12 AM
Re: Deutsche Telekom stat is telling Plus it can form part of a staged approach to the introduction of fiber throughout the network - vectoring can also be used with G.fast, where fiber has been deployed as far as local distribution points, to reduce interference.
iainmorris 9/3/2014 | 8:41:11 AM
Deutsche Telekom and vectoring rollout Deutsche Telekom has provided details of its progress on vectoring rollout following earlier press reports, although currently only in German (see http://www.telekom.com/medien/konzern/248520). The operator says 200,000 households in Germany can now access broadband services based on the technology and is promising connection speeds of up to 100Mbit/s.
iainmorris 10/4/2014 | 5:22:42 PM
G.fast Important to note, of course, that operators are talking about using vectoring in combination with the emerging G.fast technology to provide even higher speed services.
iainmorris 10/6/2014 | 4:22:11 PM
Vodafone and vectoring Both Vodafone Germany and Deutsche Telekom are now boasting about vectoring progress. Vodafone, of course, has a wholesale deal with DT allowing it to provide vectoring-enabled services, but it's also now offering broadband through Kabel Deutschland and promising to launch 200Mbps services in November.
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