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mendyk 8/21/2014 | 2:16:51 PM
Re: Driven to distraction http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/university-virginia-offering-college-credits-watching-game-thrones-1457949

Ariella 8/21/2014 | 2:08:01 PM
Re: Driven to distraction @mendyk No joke, some of these things can be the feature of a class on contemporary culture. It was in a high school rather than college, but I know of someone who taught a class that consisted of nothing but films. It wasn't a study of film but a collection of ones considered inspirational like "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington."
mendyk 8/21/2014 | 2:04:08 PM
Re: Driven to distraction I can see Game of Thrones being grafted into a poli sci course or two. Anything to make matriculation easier for the kids is worth pursuing and OK by me. We all know what awaits them afterwards.
Ariella 8/21/2014 | 1:59:58 PM
Re: Driven to distraction @mendyk You're right. I just assumed that if they were going into the schools, they would claim there is some value to beyond entertainment. Cave paintings are cool, right up there with bowties.
Ariella 8/21/2014 | 1:58:56 PM
Re: Comcast @mudmods yes, I've seen that in high schools in which students are given laptops to use. 
mendyk 8/21/2014 | 1:51:38 PM
Re: Driven to distraction And back in my day, the professors made elaborate cave paintings to get their points across. There's nothing in the story to suggest that this has anything to do with edumicational programming.
MUGMODs 8/21/2014 | 1:21:55 PM
Comcast It can't be any worse than all the time spent on social media sites...when they should be paying attention to the lecture. Seen it all!
Ariella 8/21/2014 | 1:06:00 PM
Re: Driven to distraction @mendyK Students will find distractions no matter what. But I thought that the idea was that some of these are supposed to be of educational value. Back in my day, professors had to drag in big television sets and VCRs to show videos, except in one special room that was set up as a small movie theater.
thebulk 8/21/2014 | 12:49:23 PM
Innovative but complicated so the Philo service sounds very innovative, but the complications of delivery could cause some issues when it comes time to scale down the road. 
mendyk 8/21/2014 | 12:16:59 PM
Driven to distraction Families staring up the barrel of six-figure debt loads must be thrilled that Comcast is so interested in providing entertainment options to keep Joe and Jane College out of the classrooms and the libraries.
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