e2mbcorp 5/26/2015 | 5:34:38 PM
Missing the bigger picture They will talk about pushing intelligence to the edge, but they will not talk about pushing network control 100% to the edge because this would eliminate their reason for being.  The DASH7 Alliance is the only next-gen IoT stack that operates a DQ network architecture that puts control at the edge.  Further, as a low-level universal MAC, DQ can also provide a common basis of interoperability among the various IoT stacks.
sarahthomas1011 8/1/2014 | 9:22:38 AM
Re: The Chicago World's Fair Okay, but AirBnB got it's start there at least! https://twitter.com/Airbnb/status/494997667005489152/photo/1
Mitch Wagner 7/31/2014 | 3:40:13 PM
The Chicago World's Fair Calling that an example of the IoT is a reach. It predates the Internet by something like 80 years. 
DHagar 7/23/2014 | 11:45:37 PM
Re: 1871 @SReedy, fascinating - that's good stuff.

Sounds like Cisco may be onto something.  It appears that  the IoT "Network" they are developing would address the issues Phil_Britt raises.

Phil_Britt 7/23/2014 | 2:00:05 PM
On the edge Pushing intelligence further out from the central network makes sense in a lot of ways, but the user with the device with the imbedded intelligence will likely be on his own if the intelligence fails on his end. Too often the "help desk" for tech companies is anything but, and the supervisors are primarily coaches with not that much more technical background.
sarahthomas1011 7/23/2014 | 12:15:57 PM
1871 1871 is worth checking out too. Very cool set up. It rents out its conference rooms to companies like Cisco for events, but the real activity is in the game room, open work space, and throughout the huge facility at the Merchandise Mart.
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