pcharles09 5/29/2014 | 9:05:13 PM
Re: Under the radar Agreed. If you have the reach & funds and/or advisory shares, why try to recreate the wheel.
Mitch Wagner 5/28/2014 | 3:59:38 PM
Re: Under the radar pcharles09 - Makes sense. If you want to find a leader who knows how to run a successful startup, look for someone who's already done so. 
pcharles09 5/27/2014 | 7:51:59 PM
Re: Under the radar I've started to notice the connections with many of the upstarts nowadays. It seems like the 'successful' ones are either run by serial entrepreneurs or advised by them.
Mitch Wagner 5/21/2014 | 9:55:49 PM
Re: Under the radar pcharles09 - Good catch. The leadership team has connections to the top companies in the Fortune 500 and tech and security industries. 
pcharles09 5/21/2014 | 5:20:32 PM
Re: Under the radar You can get a pretty good idea of their strategy if you check the Board of Directors' backgrounds. They probably have a good amount of connections in the industry to allow them to have plenty of beta customers, in the least.

sam masud 5/21/2014 | 3:48:04 PM
Under the radar Pretty much zilch info about ThreatGrid on its web site--no mention of a customer(s) that I could find on their web site. But interesting the vendor received funding from In-Q-Tel, which is CIA's investment project.