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nasimson 5/31/2014 | 4:33:23 AM
At times operators dont want customers to understand When there will be early 5G: trials, partial adoptions, partial migrations; there will be a marketing mess. At times operators dont want customers to understand what they are choosing, buying, using and paying for.
DHagar 5/20/2014 | 1:34:58 PM
Re: Marketing @Sarah, sorry - was not clear from several messages ago.  I was referring to the customer - if they don't understand the new devices, services, etc., they will turn off and quit listening to marketing or other messages.

sarahthomas1011 5/20/2014 | 1:30:32 PM
Verizon VoLTE Looks like Verizon is the one that will have advanced features at launch on VoLTE, even though AT&T beat it to the touch. The carrier tells GigaOm it will include video calling and HD voice at its TBD launch this year: http://gigaom.com/2014/05/20/verizons-voice-over-lte-service-will-include-facetime-like-video-calling-at-launch/
sarahthomas1011 5/20/2014 | 1:15:50 PM
Re: Marketing Turn what off? The network? Don't think that's possible!
DHagar 5/20/2014 | 1:15:00 PM
Re: Marketing @Sarah, that's what I am thinking.  But people will turn off if it doesn't become familiar and easy to understand.
sarahthomas1011 5/20/2014 | 10:43:07 AM
Re: Marketing haha I like it! If Verizon is double wide, then Sprint is a "triple threat"?
sarahthomas1011 5/20/2014 | 10:42:20 AM
Re: Marketing You do have to have specific handsets to take advantage of the AWS spectrum. I wonder if they are hoping to upgrade customers on their devices by making them think this latest and greatest is necessary. Much more explanation is needed, but hopefully that happens in stores.
MordyK 5/20/2014 | 10:15:39 AM
Re: Heavy Duty? Verizon is trying to do that in the areas where their networks were destroyed by Sandy, but sadly no unlimited plans.
MordyK 5/20/2014 | 10:13:34 AM
Re: Marketing That's been trademarked by a new MVNO targeting trailer parks :)
jabailo 5/20/2014 | 9:57:54 AM
Re: Heavy Duty? I see that Tacoma, WA has just been added to their markets.

They are just south of me here in Kent, so maybe I'll get in their coverage area!  

Althought I'm already reading about issues like throttling after 5Gig of downloads (that's two and a half netflix movies!), and they shut off the data channel if a phone call comes in!

Sprint's Spark LTE network disables data when handling calls
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