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mendyk 4/30/2014 | 2:34:20 PM
Re: Suspicious Given his origins, maybe he should be known as the Ontarian Loon.
lanbrown 4/29/2014 | 10:25:57 PM
Re: Suspicious Before Elop Nokia was selling over 130 million smartphones a year compared to 30.5 million under Elop in 2013.  So, he was responsible for a net loss of over 100 million devices per year.  Pre-Elop and the over 130 million smartphones, Nokia was still seeing double digit growth.  If he wasn't a trojan, what was he?
Mitch Wagner 4/29/2014 | 6:53:02 PM
Re: Suspicious Indeed. When a merger like this occurs between two struggling companies, they hope their strengths will complement each other. In this case, I don't see where that's going to happen. 

A company that makes handsets nobody wants is merging with a company that makes a mobile OS nobody wants. How is putting that OS on those handsets going to improve either company's position?
Kruz 4/29/2014 | 11:14:29 AM
Re: Suspicious Nokia lost the chance to adopt Android when it was best to do so, in times where it dominated the market. If they were less attached to their beloved Symbian and had then seen that software meant everything, Nokia+ Android would have been the ultimate combination. But when Elop was appointed later on, MSFT was a better alternative as with Android, Nokia would have been just another Sony, or HTC, trailing far behind.
R Clark 4/28/2014 | 11:05:37 PM
Real scandal The real scandal was getting rewarded for trashing Nokia's market share and stock price. Kudos to the Finns for being outraged by it. Elsewhere it is now considered normal.

kq4ym 4/28/2014 | 5:33:23 PM
Re: Beating a dead Trojan Horse The Same, But Different tag should aptly lead to new adventures for Nokia. I'd vote for keeping the name, playing with the new colors and who knows...sticking a Trojan Horse somewhere in the advertising. Just kidding. A smart guy who knows the business can't go too wrong.
Sarah Thomas 4/28/2014 | 2:55:15 PM
Re: Beating a dead Trojan Horse True, it's a done deal now. Plus, he didn't get the CEO job. That might have just elevated him to Frank Underwood status.
Sarah Thomas 4/28/2014 | 2:53:11 PM
Re: Elop answers Our message boards have devolved into talking/arguing about pizza a lot lately...
DOShea 4/28/2014 | 2:46:25 PM
Beating a dead Trojan Horse Will this be the final word in the debate about this particular conspiracy theory? Whatever Elop's motivations were to sell Nokia, they don't even matter anymore. The deal was subject to shareholder approvals and other reviews, so it's not like it was done under the cover of night without anyone else having a say.
sam masud 4/28/2014 | 2:37:35 PM
Re: Elop answers Please, please do NOT leave out anchovies. Real pizzas always have anchovies.
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