jabailo 4/26/2014 | 3:29:37 PM
Welcome, Captain Kirk This sounds like an alliance between Star Fleet (Netflix) and the Royal Navy circa 1800.   Would the Enterprise need to make peace with a bunch of frigates, I'm not sure, except it is probably an admission that the days of the "channel" are coming to a close, and the ability to specifically select content are here to stay.

DOShea 4/27/2014 | 4:35:21 PM
Re: Welcome, Captain Kirk Netflix has been making attempts to partner with the big cable guys, right? I guess it thought it could get them to reconsider their own ventures, but it doesn't look like that is working.
Mitch Wagner 4/28/2014 | 12:19:18 AM
Childish Is it childish of me to want to move to an area where the cable company offers TiVo as its standard set-top box? We still miss our TiVo and swear at the DVR that our cable company provides instead. 
jabailo 4/28/2014 | 11:50:25 AM
Re: Welcome, Captain Kirk I don't know if Netflix has been partnering, so much as paying them the "protection money" so they can get their feed through in a neutral fashion.

The design of a single site providing diverse on demand content asynchronously, versus multiple sites (channels) providing synchronous entertainment would seem create some interesting frictions.

Liz Greenberg 4/28/2014 | 1:10:23 PM
Re: Childish I'm with you Mitch...can't they just all learn to get along???  Make the customers happy? 
Mitch Wagner 4/29/2014 | 6:51:00 PM
Re: Childish Liz - Cable companies operate in environments where customers have few choices of alternatives, and where cost margins are fierce. It's no wonder that customer service ratings are often low. In the end, a public business is beholden to shareholders not customers. 
Liz Greenberg 4/29/2014 | 10:24:30 PM
Re: Childish I know Mitch...I am held hostage by Comcast/AT&T just like everybody else.  I always love how they purport to do things for their customers but the reality is it is always the bottom line.  If they had true competition, we would probably be much happier customers.
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