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thebulk 4/25/2014 | 11:57:51 AM
Re: Something missing? No doubt, I would say they are doing more than well. But at some point it will become an issue. Its not just lack of access to those markets its also the influience on the markets they are doing well in. Huawei is a big player here in Thailand and I am already seeing some companies shift away from them. Security and privancy are big issues, not too many stake holders are taking it so lightly. 
mendyk 4/25/2014 | 11:38:17 AM
Re: Something missing? Huawei has done and will most likely continue to do quite well without access to some Western markets.
thebulk 4/25/2014 | 11:25:07 AM
Something missing? This seems to gloss over the fact that the majority of the developed world has a serious lack of trust in Huawei. They might be doing for now, but unless they can really fix their image issues in places where tech innovation happens then I think they could face some long term issues. 
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