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R Clark 4/25/2014 | 11:37:21 PM
Re: Something missing? Stat from Huawei: 77% of revenue last year came from among the world's top 50 carriers, up from 75.2% in 2012.  The major operators clearly have confidence in Huawei.
pcharles09 4/25/2014 | 8:28:05 PM
Re: Something missing? I think all they'd need is a carefully crafted marketing plan to approach the US to have a chance at some success. Then build on it little by little.
-0 4/25/2014 | 6:39:01 PM
Re: Something missing? Frankly, I do not see what Huawei may do to improve its perception in the West (read - in US). It's not as much distrust of the company, it is distrust to the country where company is headquarterd (plus a lot of protectionism of domestic vendors). Thus Huawei's current strategy of concentrating on countries without protectionism barriers makes a lot of sense.

Trust is not something one can manufacture or buy, it's product of a time, a loong time. Being financially successful is a good step in building trust too.

allthingsCom 4/25/2014 | 4:28:57 PM
Re: Something missing? Curently, majority of the world also doesn't completely trust the US .. I am sure that will work out in one way or another as well. US is less of a metric for decisions at a global scale than it used to be. Several examples are abound in current geo-political news. Events in BRIC regions definitely attest to that..
thebulk 4/25/2014 | 2:55:47 PM
Re: Something missing? @melao2, 

I am just going off of reports and conversations I have had with other network engineers in those areas. From what I have been told most of them are very sheepish on putting Huawei equipment in their networks and many companies do not consider them when taking bids. 
melao2 4/25/2014 | 2:35:30 PM
Re: Something missing? I may be wrong, but West Europe experienced their biggest growth in 2013 for overseas.

It is in their annual report. Of course one can question those numbers, but that's an entirely different story. 

thebulk 4/25/2014 | 2:07:48 PM
Re: Something missing? My understanding is that they have been pretty much black listed in Australia and New Zeland and they are having a hard time doing business in France, Germany and the UK. Since the vast majority of the internet infrastructor is in the US, it may very well come down to a point that anyone who wants to do business with the US has to be Huawei free, not likely, but still a possibility. 
melao2 4/25/2014 | 1:56:54 PM
Re: Something missing? Hi, which developed world do you think that Huawei does not have access?

Honestly it is only the US. All of the others they already have a strong presence, and moreover, their biggest overseas accounts are from European carriers that have global presence such as TI, Vodafone and Telefonica.
thebulk 4/25/2014 | 12:14:07 PM
Re: Something missing? Thailand has strong ties to the US so it might not be the litmus test for this. I would say keep an eye on countries like Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam and Lao those will be better indicators IMO I know Huawei has heavy market share in those countries. 
mendyk 4/25/2014 | 12:00:30 PM
Re: Something missing? That's something definitely worth watching -- Huawei's market share in regions where it's the de facto incumbent. Thanks for pointing that out.
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