DanJones 3/31/2014 | 10:59:32 AM
Re: a major force Yep, I agree...
nasimson 3/29/2014 | 12:47:02 AM
a major force Oracle has become an important player in telecom industry. I think its mostly by acquisition. The CRM our company is using, and so many other service providers also using, is Siebel. The parent company was acquired by Oracle. And now they are a major player.
Mitch Wagner 3/28/2014 | 2:37:05 PM
Not enough food photos I love this: "The event was a fast-paced series of keynotes and break-out sessions and they frequently had to replace the coffee that you and your tired correspondent don't see here."

Now that we have to submit every receipt for expense reporting, I shudder to think that accounting will now be aware of the depth of my Starbucks addiction when I'm on the road. I almost never touch the stuff when I'm home, but when I'm traveling on business that green mermaid is like a siren to me.
PaulERainford 3/28/2014 | 8:45:24 AM
Re: Graying Society I think I'll go for the 'Do Not Resuscitate' model. It's much cheaper and the batteries last much longer.
DOShea 3/27/2014 | 9:32:03 PM
Graying Society I'm looking forward to the day when my life is saved by a robotic personal assistant giving me CPR. Hopefully, it downloads the correct instructions.