southernlight 3/27/2014 | 9:26:30 PM
Is this new? Everything here looks exactly the same as their promo video from a year and a half ago (http://youtu.be/LTcASAVdw6A). What's new here?
Mitch Wagner 3/27/2014 | 6:30:29 PM
Re: Great Idea A networking vendor needs to walk the line between being so agile that they break customer networks, and so rigid that they are incapable of innovating. That line is more conservate than for, say, a game developer. 
sam masud 3/27/2014 | 2:38:23 PM
Nifty DevOps+gamers=great network visualization. But it does sound cool!
derac7020 3/27/2014 | 12:25:21 PM
Re: Great Idea Was said partly in jest but I just thought it was an odd thing for a networking company CEO to say.   
Liz Greenberg 3/27/2014 | 12:06:44 PM
Re: Great Idea @derac7020...I think that he means tweaking based on user feedback as opposed to releasing pre-alpha software with a lot of flaws...plus I know a lot of their software team and they are way too anal to let that happen!
Liz Greenberg 3/27/2014 | 12:05:37 PM
Re: Great Idea @brookseven,  the folks that I know at Cyan don't seem concerned, granted they are just engineers but they usually sense things.  I think that this move is really intelligent.  Adding "transparency" to the layers so that faults can be found quickly is super important.
brookseven 3/27/2014 | 11:06:48 AM
Re: Great Idea I think the more interesting thing is that the Q4 Cyan call stated that (without a layoff that they have not talked about) that Q1 OPEX would exceed Q1 Revenue.  Now they didn't state it that directly....but if you flatline their OPEX and use the guided to Revenue, that is what you get.


Anybody else think that this is a major sign of trouble?


derac7020 3/27/2014 | 10:35:28 AM
Re: Great Idea It does sound cool and its needed but..  ""The key in gaming technology is try something, see if it works, if it doesn't, adjust it"..   I'm sure that very reassuring to network operators.
gregwhelan 3/27/2014 | 8:55:05 AM
Great Idea Nice move by Cyan.  Network Management has been an oversight by vendors for decades.  I can imaging the cool displays in the NOC with their solution.  
[email protected] 3/27/2014 | 7:59:38 AM
Let me be the first to disagree You say:

"Managing networks will never be as much fun as blowing the heads off zombies..."


I say --depends on the network and the zombies!! Never say never..... (kaboom...)