gregwhelan 3/27/2014 | 8:59:39 AM
Wicked Smaht Cities I've been a smart city "hobbyist" for years.  The toughest challenge is the fiefdoms of departments & budgets.  To implement a smart city the first thing you need to do is to break the silo's.  This will be easier in 10-15 years when the incumbents retire with their tax payer funded pensions.  
DHagar 3/26/2014 | 5:42:58 PM
IEEE Launches Smart Cities Initiative @Ariella, interesting!  Yes, the proof is in the ability to truly solve problems - the algorithms and data are means to that end.  But the ability to have more information from which to make better decisions can help.
Ariella 3/26/2014 | 5:28:07 PM
Re: IEEE Launches Smart Cities Initiative Sometimes the analytics really can make a difference, but sometimes we don't yet have the results as proof. For example, New York City is using algorithms to try to prevent fires http://gizmodo.com/new-york-city-is-fighting-fires-with-data-mining-1509004543, but it hasn't been in effect long enough to show mrked improvement. 
DHagar 3/26/2014 | 3:53:47 PM
IEEE Launches Smart Cities Initiative @mendyk, interesting parallel!  To a degree you are correct, plus what I have seen is the use of data and analytics to focus the operations and planning towards priorities, better service and transparency, and management control tools to see that initiatives are successful.

mendyk 3/26/2014 | 3:30:27 PM
Re: IEEE Launches Smart Cities Initiative The way IEEE describes it, "smart cities" sounds a lot like old-school urban planning. Only, like, digital or something.
DHagar 3/26/2014 | 12:26:01 PM
IEEE Launches Smart Cities Initiative This makes great sense to emphasize the opportunities inherent in cities to build technology infrastructure and apply analytics in solving city problems.  Cities are the core of the community and face increasing challenges.  Smart Cities can provide a viable model solution for problem solving and for building cities of the future.