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nasimson 3/26/2014 | 1:15:12 PM
Tango, good luck. I used to use Tango on my tablet & really liked it. Its simple, it works and its awesome. I am happy that they got the funding to go the next level. Video chats always make social sense in so many contexts across many countries. So its a popular area being competed by many services but I am confident Tango can find & maintain its unique place in the competition.
Ariella 3/25/2014 | 2:01:12 PM
Re: $$$! @Sarah I'm certain you're right about that.
Sarah Thomas 3/24/2014 | 2:47:01 PM
Re: $$$! I'm sure Tango and others like it are inspired by WhatsApp in that regard.
Ariella 3/24/2014 | 2:05:01 PM
Re: $$$! @DanielCawrey, yes, that's exactly how some startups made money. They didn't have a monetization plan, but they were bought up by a big company for a lot of money. 
danielcawrey 3/23/2014 | 4:09:24 PM
Re: $$$! Mitch is right, and I think that my thinking is that it's not entirely clear how this company is going to make money.

What's common these days is that another larger company will likely swoop in and buy Tango down the line, integrating userbases or other synergistic opportunities That's my best guess. 
DanJones 3/21/2014 | 10:07:46 AM
Re: Takes 3 to Tango I was getting it confused with Turner and Hooch.

Sarah Thomas 3/21/2014 | 10:03:55 AM
Re: Takes 3 to Tango hmm You mean Cop Dog? There are almost as many movies with Tango in the title as there are wireless companies called Tango.
DanJones 3/21/2014 | 9:58:00 AM
Re: Takes 3 to Tango Oh wait, I thought it was the one with the cop and his dog.
Sarah Thomas 3/21/2014 | 8:17:31 AM
Re: $$$! I can think of one big group that will pay for that (operators), especially if it's of the software-defined variety. Tango does monetize its product, but a lot of the OTTs don't. I wonder what the VCs see in the ones they back in such a crowded market -- acquisition potential, IPO? Because it can't always be the potential to make tons of money...
Sarah Thomas 3/21/2014 | 8:15:47 AM
Re: Takes 3 to Tango A missed opportunity: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098439/...
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