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SachinEE 3/27/2014 | 6:36:11 AM
Re : Euronews: Make Big Data Less Scary, Says Kroes @ Kruz, it seems to be a rather plausible prediction about tablets. While smart phones are intruding into the tablets territory with ever more inches added to the display, revealing of latest Samsung galaxy tab of 12.1 inches with cutting edge hardware on board speaks to the contrary. Ever increasing hunger of mobile devices and technology will keep all these devices in the business.
Sarah Thomas 3/25/2014 | 11:29:06 AM
Re: Re : Euronews: Make Big Data Less Scary, Says Kroes It's in the fine print though. isn't our fault for never reading it?
SachinEE 3/25/2014 | 7:06:13 AM
Re : Euronews: Make Big Data Less Scary, Says Kroes @ mendyk, I completely agree with the proposition that end users are far more afraid of bid data than organizations. They are getting scarier and sicker with all kinds of data being collected by multiple players for various unknown uses. Unknown uses of big data are the scariest part for end users. It would be much less scary for the users if collecting organizations could come up clean on what they collect for what purposes.
Kruz 3/20/2014 | 10:52:06 AM
Re: TV what is also good to notice is that tv is here to stay, at least for a while, even with that myriad of devices.
Sarah Thomas 3/20/2014 | 10:23:30 AM
Re: TV That's how I feel about my personal use. I got a Kindle too, so now my reasons for using the tablet are increasingly limited.
Kruz 3/20/2014 | 10:17:56 AM
Re: TV I guess tablets are on the decline in general. With phones gaining inches and being easily around when needed, there will soon be no need to have that extra device.
Sarah Thomas 3/19/2014 | 4:16:05 PM
Re: Boo! How did you get when I was born, what my favorite holiday is, what I like to do, and where I spend my time from this basic interaction? Those are the kinds of questions people will be asking about big data.The know operators know some things, but how they got this far is where it gets dicey.
mendyk 3/19/2014 | 4:13:39 PM
Re: Boo! Based on your response posted on this message board, you may be interested in the following movies: The Conversation. The Net. Nineteen Eighty-four. Ernest Saves Christmas. From your friends in the LR Analytics Department.
Sarah Thomas 3/19/2014 | 3:52:34 PM
Re: TV The relative percents don't surprise me though. It makes sense when you think about what a person does any given day -- commute, work, and relax. Tablets seem to be a secondary screen in that entire schedule.
Sarah Thomas 3/19/2014 | 3:50:36 PM
Re: Boo! I'm not scared of big data; just the analytics part and what they do with said analyzed big data.
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