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CraigPlunkett 1/31/2014 | 10:57:54 PM
Re: Super Bowl bets Sarah,

Comcast is also sponsoring the Wi-Fi service in the new Levi's stadium, so that kinda blows your premise out of the water.  Just talking a little Telco/MSO DAS/Wi-Fi smack here...

albreznick 1/31/2014 | 8:30:17 PM
Re: Ruh? Right. We should all have such problems. As for placing bets on the game, I'm going with Manning and the Broncos.  
Sarah Thomas 1/31/2014 | 3:03:57 PM
Re: Ruh? #richpeopleproblems
mendyk 1/31/2014 | 3:02:43 PM
Re: Ruh? There's an easy way to stream a radio broadcast. It involves using an actual radio, and people have been doing that since the Civil War. As far as being dragged to a sporting event unwillingly, you may have bigger issues to deal with than being able to watch the Puppy or Kitty Bowl while the game is going on.
Sarah Thomas 1/31/2014 | 2:58:52 PM
Re: Ruh? Some big fans (I've heard) also like to stream the radio broadcast of it simultaneously or watch a particular channel's coverage whlie at the game. Or maybe watch a different show if they got dragged there unwillingly.
mendyk 1/31/2014 | 2:56:14 PM
Ruh? Wait -- so people are supposed to be upset/feel deprived because they can't watch commercials while they are in the stands during a game?
Sarah Thomas 1/31/2014 | 1:57:09 PM
Re: Stadiums Agreed, they know their stuff. I'd expect to see them expand more into stadiums. In fact, more on that coming from Doug himself on Sunday...
RitchBlasi 1/31/2014 | 1:51:14 PM
Stadiums Boingo is a former client and they are pretty sharp - if it makes sense, they'll do just that.
Sarah Thomas 1/31/2014 | 1:44:33 PM
Re: Uber Bowl Yeah, business model is a big reason why the carriers are pulling back so much. But, the venues still really want it. I thought it was interesting that Boingo's Lodder said they may have to start becoming the WiFi operator cutting the carriers out of the equation. That may be good news for aggregators like Boingo.
RitchBlasi 1/31/2014 | 1:34:30 PM
Uber Bowl At some point in time you have to consider the cost/benefit analysis for adding infrastructure into stadiums - especially those that remain vacant for 90% of the year.  I wonder if this "pull back" strategy is for all venues or those that are used infrequently for sporting or music events.  There are ways to manage the network streaming other than turning off service -- like if the NFL is worried that too many people will watch the TV ads on their phones, why not show them on the jumbotron, or whatever you call it.  As long as someone can make a call, send a text, or do some non-bandwidth intensive data, all should be well at the Super Bowl.  At least I will be watching one Manning.
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