R Clark 1/30/2014 | 11:45:16 PM
Re: Ericsson CEO stays at Ericsson ? Yep, looks like a compromise candidate.

Question is, how locked-in is he to the Ballmer strategy?
DOShea 1/30/2014 | 9:28:25 PM
Re: Ericsson CEO stays at Ericsson ? So the best guide for a company looking to shake off its decade-long doldrums and adapt to a new age and leverage new technology assets is the guy who has been with the company more than 20 years? Interesting. Maybe it's true no one else wants this job
DanJones 1/30/2014 | 5:49:54 PM
Re: Ericsson CEO stays at Ericsson ? Kara Swisher over at Re/Code suggests that Satya Nadella, the Msft Cloud boss, is now the front runner:

Sarah Thomas 1/30/2014 | 5:49:04 PM
Nadella in the lead? Looks like Satya Nadella is the latest (only remaining?) top candidate and it could be announced soon: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-30/microsoft-said-to-be-preparing-to-make-satya-nadella-ceo.html
^ip4g^ 1/30/2014 | 3:13:33 AM
Ericsson CEO stays at Ericsson ? Probably he is doing a good job already, and intends to puruse that to take it to the next level .. not a bad year for Ericsson (2013)




R Clark 1/30/2014 | 2:11:21 AM
Most thankless job in tech A thankless gig. MS has a solid enterprise business, but where does it go in consumer and mobile? Plus you have Gates and Ballmer on the board, and your job is to execute Ballmer's strategy.

Elop has all that Nokia baggage. Even if MS takes him seriously no-one else will.

So, more Twitter jokes about Microsoft interviewing an area manager at Hardee's. 
DOShea 1/29/2014 | 10:06:04 PM
Just throwing this out there... Maybe Dan Hesse could be hired away from Sprint, since Softbank wants to do some shaking up anyway.
Liz Greenberg 1/29/2014 | 7:25:40 PM
Re: Home office Good one!  Elop might be the best choice anyway as more folks move to mobile devices.
mendyk 1/29/2014 | 5:55:16 PM
Home office Marissa Mayer may be available soon...
DanJones 1/29/2014 | 5:52:10 PM
Elop wins by default? Could it be? Could the ex-Nokia guy end up in the position by default I wonder.
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