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1/30/2014 | 10:47:15 PM
In-country Internet
Have any other countries or telcos pursued the idea of having a controlled in-country or local area Internet? Sounds crazy enough to work.
1/29/2014 | 10:07:28 AM
Re: Jeez - 51 pages
51 pages? Sounds like one of OUR reports. One of the shorter ones, that is...
1/29/2014 | 9:22:35 AM
Re: Jeez - 51 pages
Luckily, the bit I was interested in was on page 1.
1/29/2014 | 8:38:28 AM
Jeez - 51 pages
Jeez, this new Deutsche Telekom report on "Data Privacy & Data Security" is 51 pages long. You s'pose they're taking it seriously ?
1/29/2014 | 8:22:42 AM
First Vodafone, then BT, Now DT
A bit like a No 10 bus, you wait ages for a telco statement on whether they are reviewing how they cooperate with governments on wire-tapping post Snowden and then you get three come along at once.

In Europe, Vodafone went first the week before last, then came BT. Now Deutsche Telekom. "A wake-up call, a thunderbolt, an earthquake," and "starting point for a positive development" indeed.

Unlike its British telco counterparts, reassuring foreign governments that it isn't too cosy with the NSA is unlikely to feature among Deutsche Telekom's motivations for publishing this report. Not after the NSA bugged Chancellor Merkel anyway.


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