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Kruz 1/24/2014 | 1:15:39 PM
Re: Nokia I guess it's far too generic. If it were Apple, it would have tried to :)
DanJones 1/24/2014 | 1:13:32 PM
Re: Nokia Surely you can't trademark "X" though?
Kruz 1/24/2014 | 12:49:11 PM
Re: Nokia Haha. And what about Google's own baby, the Moto X?
DanJones 1/24/2014 | 12:28:49 PM
Re: Nokia Boring!!!!
Kruz 1/24/2014 | 12:08:00 AM
Re: Nokia Seems it's going to be called Nokia X after all.
R Clark 1/23/2014 | 9:50:03 PM
Re: Nokia Dunkirk would've been a better name for Nokia's exit phone.
DanJones 1/23/2014 | 5:24:44 PM
Re: Nokia  Normandy is a really strange code name for a phone.
Kruz 1/23/2014 | 5:03:05 PM
Re: Nokia The device doesn't technically belong to MSFT, yet. This is before the MSFT era at Nokia when Nokia folks where trying the Android OS. MSFT might still stop Nokia from showcasing it at the event as the Windows 8.1 is planned to be talk of Nokia.

But I would really love to see that phone; many fantasized for years having the best HW coupled with a great and mature OS. Normandy, if it sees the light, might be used at the new Nokia along with Jolla.
DanJones 1/23/2014 | 4:26:52 PM
Re: Nokia The Android phones make me wonder if Msft has decided to try and sell apps to that crowd rather than just fight the OS. More apps I should say... they already do some for Android...
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