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DanJones 12/31/2013 | 12:58:58 PM
Re: All up to the FCC/DoJ Yep, which seems to be what has encouraged Son & crew to think they can get to T-Mobile. I still don't see it, myself.
Phil_Britt 12/30/2013 | 5:11:47 PM
Re: All up to the FCC/DoJ Think they both had a hand in it. DoJ did finally let American/U.S. Air merger go through. Not a monopoly, but darn close as far as air travelers are concerned. So DoJ may not be as big of a hurdle, but think FCC will be.
DanJones 12/30/2013 | 5:02:22 PM
Re: All up to the FCC/DoJ Wait, didn'the DoJ have as much to do with the AT&T T-Mobile collapse as the FCC though?
DanJones 12/30/2013 | 4:43:48 PM
Re: All up to the FCC Yes, if this comes to pass it will be interesting to see how Wheeler and the other FCC brooms react.
Phil_Britt 12/30/2013 | 2:49:08 PM
All up to the FCC Unless the philosophy has changed greatly at the FCC, and I don't know that it has, this could well go the way of the T-Mobile/AT&T merger.

The FCC may be a little more likely to approve this merger because of Sprint's size. By adding T-Mobile, Sprint would be more competitive with Verizon and AT&T, rather than becoming the dominant player, as woud have happened in a combination of T-Mobile with either of the other two.
Sarah Thomas 12/30/2013 | 12:00:14 PM
Re: Strategic integration Excellent question, because unlimited + uncarrier would be a really hard to beat combo, but probably also not a sustainable one.
DanJones 12/29/2013 | 7:22:04 PM
Re: Merger madness So, we could stay that Son has risen above regulations
DanJones 12/29/2013 | 7:07:13 PM
Re: Strategic integration that's a tricky one, remember Hesse has signed a 5 year contract as Sprint CEO for instance.
[email protected] 12/29/2013 | 12:25:56 PM
Strategic integration Even if a merger was allowed, which business strategy would prevail? 'Uncarrier' seems to be working for T-Mob.
KBode 12/28/2013 | 11:41:30 AM
Re: Merger madness "I get the impression that Son thinks he's above regulation and past rulings."

I tend to agree and I simply don't see how this gets approved. Especially after Sprint just got done spending countless hours and millions lobbying to preach about the value of maintaining four distinct competitors in the field. A Dish acquisition still seems more likely, even if everything that seems to come out of Ergen's mouth seems intangible of late.

Who knows though, I'm not sure Wheeler isn't the type to think a T-Mobile and Sprint merger is a good idea.
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