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12/30/2013 | 6:00:01 PM
Re: Expect the trend to continue
I agree with you, Phil. I think we're approaching a tipping point now with cable prices. If MSOs aren't careful, they could see a real erosion of their video base for years to come.
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12/30/2013 | 2:35:44 PM
Expect the trend to continue
With cable continuing to boost prices and continuing to provide poor service, I would expect this trend to continue 

Inflation and wages have been relatively stagnant for several years, but cable keeps going up. With cableless choices increasing, cable companies will need to re-strategize to stem the tide.
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12/26/2013 | 4:14:25 PM
Re: Trading places
I think those are two different things, for the Cable co's it's about proving they've got the reliability and support for the critical services and SLA's for their retail and wholesale customers.  For the residential market, Cable co's have pretty much tapped out subscribership and have to work on ARPU increases, which can be more difficult than growing into a market, what they do have working in their favor right now is cash flow.

Telco's primary concerns are more capital outlay and content acquisition.

What I do wonder about is how the major players will deal with content.  Will the providers start integrating themselves with the content like Comcast or will we see more a model where content will be available independently and leaving up to consumers and providers to aggregate for themselves, like when Time Warner spun off cable?

Though delivery and mobility are key differentiators, content is king.
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12/26/2013 | 10:09:46 AM
Trading places
How much longer until cable companies become known primarily as business telcos and telcos become known mainly as video providers?

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