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12/24/2013 | 11:17:23 AM
Re: Fiber to the press release
Once you make the decision to install fiber, the data rate up to and including 1Gb/s is essentially the same cost.

The reason is that people pay for the "clock" rate of the access interface.  What is not covered is the amount of oversubscription in the network.  The points of oversubscription and the concentration ratios at these interfaces is also not exposed.

What may not be obvious but copper and coax are more expensive at low densities if you were going to install new plant.  The reach of fiber means that the outside plant can be completely passive over very long distances, where coax and copper require active electronics to amplify/convert signals.  These are very problematic in harsh weather condition areas (see Alaska).

12/24/2013 | 9:10:09 AM
Fiber to the press release
Keep in mind it costs very little to insist some users will see 1 Gbps sometime in 2015, in the process offering absolutely no details or specifics on the build out (the press release is pretty empty). It's becoming industry standard practice in the wake of Google Fiber to issue fiber to the press release, even if all you're really talking about is 1 Gbps to a handful of developments where most of the fiber is already in teh ground. GCI (as well as others like AT&T and CenturyLink) claim that a website form results in a democratic process dictating build outs (like Google Fiberhoods), but I'd not be surprised if user input actually makes no difference at all in where these services get deployed.

GCI is also historically very meter and cap oriented, I'll be curious to see if the 1 Gbps service, if and when it arrives, comes with any usage restrictions.
12/24/2013 | 3:33:06 AM
But how do they keep the lights on?  With revenues of $25-100 a sub in a mid to low density area, without funding I wonder if it's sustainable.  I'm not saying it's not a good thing, propagating technology to all areas of the country, but it raises a key issue why fiber is not being built faster, even if many agree it is the future.
12/23/2013 | 8:15:40 PM
Yes, they are a pretty aggressive crew. Guess they've got to keep moving up there to stay warm. They're also big players in wireless and just bought 3 Alaska broadcast TV stations (all CBS affiliates, I think. They're a regular northern powerhouse. 
12/23/2013 | 5:15:27 PM
GCI was also the first carrier in North America to use the Pace gateway integrated with TiVo--sounds like they are being pretty aggressive in the type of regional market that the big carriers tend to ignore.

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