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12/26/2013 | 11:04:46 AM
Probably was not the greatest time to realize maximum sale value on a unit that serves the government market. I wonder how much the US federal government shutdown had to do with keeping half of the sale price on a performance guarantee.
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12/23/2013 | 5:03:58 AM
Re: AlcaLu needs further divestments
For mobile/wireless, I would say if it integrates with their IP core then it's a keeper, the rest should be up for bid, the problem may be who wants to buy.  Meaning keep the small/macro radios that go directly into the 7705, but the older SONET stuff should get sold off.

I'm interested in what they will do with their transport gear, they've spent effort over the years to try and integrate the feature sets between their router platform and their transport gear.  Will they continue or focus solely on their IP platform doing more?

In the end, I guess it depends on they what they can get vs. what they value a section of their business.  No plan is without risk or criticism, but Combes is showing he can execute.
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12/20/2013 | 9:53:39 AM
Re: AlcaLu needs further divestments
This first divestment in the non-carrier business should be the start of other divestments in the non-carrier business to allow ALU to focus on its main customers and its core solutions. They should not waste their time and money to the so called strategic industries which are not strategic at all for ALU 
[email protected],
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12/20/2013 | 8:00:10 AM
AlcaLu needs further divestments
This needs o be just the start -- such deals are not easy to broker and this will sed confidence that Combes can deliver tro the plan but there needs to be something more significant in H1 2014 to help ALU focus on its core strengths.

What everyone is wpondering is - what will the company do with its wireless/mobile assets?

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