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12/18/2013 | 4:34:29 PM
Re: Cognative Radio
Imagine infinitely tuneable no cost inductors and capacitors.  Imagine waveguides that are perfect at all frequencies.

I am stunned that anybody would quote Gilder today and expect that it carried any weight.  Wow.

12/18/2013 | 12:35:27 PM
Cognative Radio
"Where white space is available, interference with TV broadcasts and services in adjacent bands requires careful management. As television broadcasts would be prioritized over white space services, users could only expect a best-effort service."

The technology advantage behind TVWS radio communication is the application of cognative "smart" radios linked to an online database of channel users that enables "instant channel allocation of un-occupied frequencies. TVWS channel prioritization and instant channel assignment are the key features that take TVWS beyond a "best effort" service to a "managed service".  That;s what the trials have proven out in the US, Africa and the UK. The licensed cellular opertors understandably hate TVWS as its license free spectrum.

The writer and  telecom evangilist George Gilder wrote a number of articles in the 90's (Telecosim) that predicted that the application of smart radios whould make the "land auction" of the radio spectrum real estate obsolete by the use of cognative radios linked to online data base management systems. Today, TVWS demonstrates that his predictions were accurate and that this technology can make use of the idle channels in licensed services and is the harbinger of the new age of radio communications where there's no need to regulate that radio bands into "services". TVWS truly scares the hell out of both the governement regulators who control the radio  spectrum, and sell it off at outrageous prices like its Hawaii beach front property, and the incumbent cellco's who's business model is measured service billing to recoup their huge $$ investments in frequencies and the "massive governement lobbying" to maintain their monopoly positions.  Imagine no radio licensing, no freuency based radio services, simply a regulator that approves/authorizes bandwidth efficient/non interfering smart radio technology. I doubt that the cellco's can or want to!

12/17/2013 | 1:22:42 PM
Erosion of hope for White space
I had early hope for TV White Space, but when I did an analysis of how much spectrum would actually be useable for TVWS (given the FCC rules which require interveneing empty channels) I began to severely moderate my expectations.  Then when the plans started to emerge for the 600Mhz band, which would both steal a big chunk of the TVWS, and would compress TV stations into the remaining spectrum, which would further substantially diminsh the useful TVWS spectrum, my expectations for TVWS went to ZERO.
12/17/2013 | 10:41:38 AM
The great white hype?
Beyond Carlson Wireless and another small deployment in the US is there any actual White Space services out there right now? Seems like there's trials and not much else at the moment.
[email protected]
12/17/2013 | 10:27:43 AM
Other opinions are available...
I wonder whether the folks at Carlson Wireless in california would agree?


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