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12/18/2013 | 2:38:39 AM
Re: This looks smart!
@DOShea: This is no good news for the industry overall. It means that any OSS/BSS vendor entering the SDN-controller segment will be acquired, which will effectively cut off other (SDN infrastructure) vendors from integration/interop attempts. It means that big-name bullies are monopolising the SDN-controller segment. All inline with their activities in the OpenDaylight project.

12/17/2013 | 11:02:45 AM
Re: This looks smart!
This has been coming for awhile now and really gives Juniper the ability to tightly integrate Wandl's abilities into a WAN-focused SDN controller/PCE.  Contrail is completely datacenter focused and doesn't have have the ability to do any kind of path computation, internally at Junper Contrail and the WAN SDN initiatives are completely separate, as they are at Cisco as well.  

With the focus on SDN all three of the major WAN network planning/optimization companies have been snatched up.  Cariden by Cisco, OpNet by Riverbed, and now Wandl by Juniper.  
12/17/2013 | 8:53:17 AM
Re: This looks smart!
Yes, it looks like this deal strikes at the heart of current SDN challenges and concerns around architectural planning and OSS Wandl has done a lot with other vendors, like Ciena. I wonder how those relationships will be affected.
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12/17/2013 | 8:44:19 AM
This looks smart!
Wandly - well entrenched, multivendor OSS at the heart of what next gen networking is about. This looks low-risk for Juniper and with what could be a very nice addition to its existing traditional and next gen SDN proposition (Contrail).

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