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12/17/2013 | 10:55:27 PM
Re: If
So, isn't that what capitalism is all about? Seriously, what content would you like to see them add now?
12/17/2013 | 2:17:17 PM
Re: If
If there was some sort of guarantee that the ads would bring "new content" then I would not be so down on this idea.

i have always been of the opinion that so much of today's illegal market (just my opinion, not stating it as fact) is by people wanting something that they can not easily get...or as easily as it is to download illegally.

But, judging by the track record of the major cable players with VOD, it will take them quite awhile to add signficiantly new content....all the while any avenues to add more fees will be done before the new content arrives.

12/16/2013 | 3:51:54 PM
Re: If
Sounds like you don't buy the idea that ad-based monetization will lead to new programming. Can't blame you for thinking that. I don't believe it will either.  But it might allow viewers to watch more personalized gversions of their shows, or at least the commercials of those shows. So that might be of some comfort, no? 
12/16/2013 | 1:11:00 PM
"they are likely to approve of new content choices made possible by ad-based monetization"

It is doubtful consumers would see actual new content from the additional ad money generated. The VOD past has seen growth in libraries but we should thank non-TV stations for pushing the lagging companies to VOD in the first place.

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