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12/6/2013 | 3:53:57 PM
Re: VoLTE wave starts here....
Phil, thanks for the link and glad I looked at it before replying.  I am concerned about the current COTS processing power, even when stripped down to duty specific.  That being said, I have been aware of the smaller installations of perimata but not the installation at Amazon or a portion of it.  I have been watching a new initiative by Intel in HPC and the improvements to the 5500 skeptically but the work Intel did with ATCA (we did a little) and the growth of some of the users of the Dialogic (been using since 1986) product mean the intra-system msg wait times are going to improve.  Certainly the EoL of many VoIP Softswitches are caused by the transition to ATCA.  Now the adjunct COTS application servers and improved physical links that HPC will bring to clustering may commoditize the area further.
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12/2/2013 | 5:07:10 PM
Re: VoLTE wave starts here....
Good point -- They do have to announce stuff every quarter to keep investors interested. But now that they've ticked that box, what next? The other part of showing up -- the demos, test cases, lab trials and customer wins -- doesn't happen overnight.


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12/2/2013 | 4:04:12 PM
Re: VoLTE wave starts here....
The timing is pretty right for Mavenir to do this, but to your point, there is a lot of competition that might be ahead of them. I wonder if the IPO might have played a role in the timing of this announcement--perhaps something Mavenir was ready to talk about, bu couldn't because of a quiet period?
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12/2/2013 | 3:48:24 PM
VoLTE wave starts here....
I thought that Jan 2014 might see the big wave in VoLTE positioning but it looks like the lead-up to Mobile World Congress has already begun, as VoLTE has been a hotter topic than SDN for the past few days.

I don't expect this to die down much - MWC 2014 looks like it will be a VoLTE force...

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