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11/26/2013 | 3:05:54 PM
Re: CEM activity
Great question Dan, and its good to refer back to that article because it illustrates how our industry has a sort of collective will to focus on the "management" of customer experience rather than the much more significant investments required to deliver new differentiated customer experiences.  I'd be happy if we all stopped using the term CEM, because early on in our industry it got subverted by niche companies mostly focused on measuring bits of the customer experience.

My view is that while most service providers are making some good progress on some of the different parts of what I describe, there's no outstanding examples yet with respect to the digital nomad target experience.  Where I think it will get realized first is in urban and high density markets where there is strong competition between cable and converged fixed/mobile operators.  That's because the cable guys naturally go after nomadicity (via urban wifi extensions to their home offers) in order to combat the fact that the converged operators are coming at them with fixed/mobile bundles. 

So that's starting to happen, but in my view what we're not seeing is the real organizational change that is probably necessary to actually make a difference.  Again the emphasis on "managing" the customer experience doesn't help - it's not about establishing a new organization that champions customer experience - its about getting rid of the legacy silos and adopting a structure that orients the entire organization towards delivering the target experiences that key segments will find to be compelling compared to what the competition can offer.  It's not about measuring, its about doing, about moving fast and getting ahead of competitors.


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11/26/2013 | 11:39:53 AM
CEM activity
Around this time last year, we were talking about the customer experience management message working it's way into carrier organizations, with the assumption that more spending on CEM capabilities would follow -http://www.lightreading.com/csps-go-shopping-for-cem/a/d-id/698870- Do you think any of them are making real progress on the vision you've outlined?

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