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12/2/2013 | 12:14:10 PM
Re: regulation

If a service is now defined "in" for 911 service, will it also be "in" for CALEA?


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12/2/2013 | 12:00:44 PM
Re: regulation
Thanks for the question Sarah.  The issue revolves around the FCC's definition of "interconnected VoIP" as  opposed to OTT.  See http://www.fcc.gov/guides/voip-and-911-service for more.  As you suggest, some OTT VoIP providers do not classify themselves as meeting the definition of "interconnect VoIP" and therefore do not believe the current regulations necessarily apply.  For example, the case of an app designed solely for in-bound communications would not qualify. With the proliferation of new services that may or may not meet the current rules clearly, we do believe the FCC will act to broaden their classifications of services that must support 9-1-1, much like they have in the Text-to-911 context.  

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11/25/2013 | 3:23:29 PM
Re: regulation
Sarah, To date OTT's have no binding requirements to support E-911 (that I know of atleast) unless they fall into some form of telco framework at which point there are some E-911 requirements.

Text to 911 is now enabled or will be shortly per a volutary participation of carriers in an NFC initiaitive, but there are no location requirements for those texts.

The FCC is in the process of an initiative called NextGen-911 which is essentially trying to figure out what 911 means in an all IP environment of OTT, VoIP/VoLTE, text, etc. and what the FCC's role will be.

When it comes to 911 capabilities there are essentially 2 sides to the coin and both are extremely complex. On the one hand you have all the disprate PSAP's and their infrastructure which is usually limited, as Steve alluded to in the post. And on the other side you have all the consumer facing interaction which includes mobile phone and VoIP covered by the E-911 mandates, but than you have all the other interfaces that are IP and OTT which fall into no man's land.

The problem is that no matter how much you mandate and implement on the front-end, if the capabilities are unsupported at the PSAP level its just talk.
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas,
User Rank: Blogger
11/25/2013 | 10:15:52 AM
Thanks for the post, Steve! From a regulatory perspective, aren't the OTTs required to support 911 in some capacity, or does that depend on how they classify themselves? Do you know where is the FCC at on enacting text-to-911 laws? 

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