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10/31/2013 | 4:28:31 AM
CGN is good for service providers
Although most people would never admit in public, CGN could be beneficial to a service provider, because it makes peer-to-peer networking more difficult.

So it is easier to move customers into the walled garden of the service providers. Once they do it, they would experience better quality of service. And this could become a competitive advantage against the OTT push...


User Rank: Blogger
10/30/2013 | 8:03:39 PM
Re: CGN has some ways to go
There are lots of unused addresses out there but it's another thing to get them.  The organizations that require them most right now are ISPs, MSOs, ... and they don't just need addresses they need large contiguous blocks of addresses... and even if they were to get these blocks it's just kicking the can down the road.  They will eventually run out so there is indeed a need to convert to IPv6.  

In a recent meeting with the CTO of a top 3 US ISP I was told that they are considering both grey market addresses and CGN.  But there's a cost to both and this cost will increase exponentially over time.  Addresses as they become scarcer will go up as a commodity and the same will happen per saved address with CGN due their inefficiencies as described in the article.

At some point in time the cost of using these time extension methods will cost more than to go all in with IPv6 and that will be when we transition.

Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson,
User Rank: Blogger
10/30/2013 | 1:07:38 PM
Re: CGN has some ways to go
This is a debate no one seems to win - I am constantly told by the authorities that a lot of these addresses have already been recovered but other smart people insist there are still plenty of unused v4 addresses out there.
User Rank: Light Sabre
10/30/2013 | 1:00:09 PM
Re: CGN has some ways to go

People have unused IPv4 addresses.  Think of the allocation Digital Equipment Corporation was given at the beginning.  I wonder if many of those IP addresses are unused....

Which love or hate IPv6, the reality is we could actually recover lots and lots of unused IPv4 address blocks and push the run out off for a very long time...


Take a look at this list and ask yourself...does the current HP really need all those addresses?  How about MIT?  GE?  What about we think about the use of the multicast or broadcast addresses?  See what I mean?

Now, many technologists want a conversion to IPv6 for good reasons.  But the truth is there is no real need to do so.  I expect lots of hate mail for this.


Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson,
User Rank: Blogger
10/30/2013 | 12:48:43 PM
Re: CGN has some ways to go
I'm not sure I've heard the "gray market" mentioned in a telecom context ever. But I understand what you are saying. 

CGN was an option most service providers seemed to completely oppose a few years back -- or at least that's what they told me -- and I have to wonder what happened.
User Rank: Light Sabre
10/30/2013 | 9:19:45 AM
CGN has some ways to go
In its current state, I am not a fan of CGN, period.  And the statement "If they are not fixable, at least you have the information you need to put together communication and support plans to deal with angry customers" is simply unacceptable if it affects more than 1% of our customers, even if I sell my soul and think of it only from a product stand point.  Unless of course your competitors run out first.

There was a video link posted by owendelong in the comments of his post, where TWC's Lee Howard made an attempt to quantify the cost of the different options towards IPv6.  If I were out of addresses, I would probably hit the gray market if ARIN wouldn't give me any additional space.

Granted as time goes on the cost for additional address space will go up, making the alternatives more viable, the hope is that over time the majority of content is available over IPv6 and minimal 6to4 will be necessary.

At least it seem CGN is getting better, it seems to be slowly coming up with solutions to things that it breaks, but still has some ways to go, in my opinion.

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