albreznick 10/30/2013 | 3:02:54 PM
Re: Spain Don't forget Croatia, jewel of the Balkans.
DanJones 10/28/2013 | 11:53:40 PM
Re: Spain Or Bulgaria, jewel of the east.
albreznick 10/28/2013 | 10:28:08 PM
Re: Spain Good. I'm glad we settled that. So then Italy should be next, I think. 
DanJones 10/28/2013 | 2:02:04 PM
Re: Spain Yeah that'll be it!
albreznick 10/28/2013 | 1:20:22 PM
Numericable IPO Yet another cable IPO, Paul. Has Numericable said what they intend to use all those proceeds for? 
albreznick 10/28/2013 | 1:19:17 PM
Re: Spain Maybe they're just trying to get dirt on the big World Cup contenders for Brazil next summer.
DanJones 10/28/2013 | 11:30:22 AM
Re: Spain Makes you wonder what kind of information they're trying to gather too.
PaulERainford 10/28/2013 | 11:01:02 AM
Re: Spain It's getting to the stage where if I was head of a European state that HADN'T had its calls listened to by the NSA, I'd feel quite affronted.
DOShea 10/28/2013 | 10:52:24 AM
Spain Another country that will no longer return calls from the White House. It's going to be a quiet holiday season in the Oval Office without the phone ringing, but maybe President Obama can get some paperwork done.
DOShea 10/28/2013 | 10:01:46 AM
BT Seems like every few years, BT makes a more concerted effort (and once with a company called Concert, if I remember correctly) to make a big play in the US market. Wondering if this time around, the cable TV companies could be affordable wholesale partners for BT.