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Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas,
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10/28/2013 | 10:14:48 AM
Re: Any evidence of impact on top or bottom lines?
Thanks to you and AVacek for sharing some examples. It's always good to see real-world use cases with named operators, especially for an area like big-data that needs concrete ROI to prove its worth right now.
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10/28/2013 | 7:44:29 AM
Re: Any evidence of impact on top or bottom lines?
Hi Ray, 

We have many examples of companies that have implemented our solution and are ready to share very specific ROI data.

In particular one of the largest telecommunication provider in Europe is using Sinequa to provide its call center agents with an instant 360° view of customer calling in, dramatically reducing the time previously needed to open all the enterprise applications containing customer data. By reducing the average time of calls, the have acheived savings of up to 60M  €.

If you want more informations, let me know. I would be happy to share more about it with you. 


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10/26/2013 | 5:27:10 PM
Re: Any evidence of impact on top or bottom lines?
One of the biggest advantage of Analytics is ability to scale unlimited data.  More data give the self-service users more access and control of their accounts.  They do not have to contact customer service; saving companies money.
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10/25/2013 | 9:40:24 PM
Capacity management
Even if it is a couple years away, looking forward to seeing how big data is applied to capacity management issues, and how it really matches up with SDN.
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10/25/2013 | 1:15:08 PM
Re: Any evidence of impact on top or bottom lines?
I work with big data company Newfield Wireless. I wasn't able to join the chat, but in response to your question, I can show you two case studies we've done with customers who reported very specific returns on investment.

MetroPCS reported significant savings and said using our TrueCall platform helped increase engineering efficiency by more than 30% when used to resolve trouble tickets. Another customer, nTelos, reported a 40% savins in antenna modification. You can view the case studies at http://www.newfieldwireless.com/about-us/success-stories.


Sounds like it was a great conversation; sorry I missed it.
[email protected],
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10/25/2013 | 9:22:12 AM
Any evidence of impact on top or bottom lines?
Does anyone know if there is any evidence of a direct impact on revenues/margins of the inmplementation of big data/analytics strategies/technologies.


I know that Verizon is quite bullish about how much money it is saving in handset returns as a result of an implmentation in the US but do such instances ever get reported internally and externally (to investors) with a return-on-investment case?



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