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sam masud
sam masud
10/7/2013 | 3:34:48 PM
Re: Nothing new
Is anyone other than RAD making the argument that some network functions need to be in customer premises as opposed to being centralized?
Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson
10/3/2013 | 5:45:35 PM
Re: Nothing new
RAD's point is that NFV doesn't HAVE to mean migrating all those functions to a centralized place - it's possible to virtualize without centralizing. How do you do loopback testing unless there is some functionality in the CPE? Yes, the CPE is lower cost and lower function but it's not without intelligence.
10/3/2013 | 2:56:23 PM
Nothing new
I don't get it.  

There have been CPE devices from vendors which do firewalling, wan acceleration, and other tasks for as long as there has been CPE devices.  And folks have been using x86 servers in the same role for decades.   Of course there will be instances where those types of devices are required on premise.  

True NFV is migrating those services to a more central or cloud virtualized platform where the premise equipment can be a very low cost CPE doing perhaps only an IPSEC tunnel to a gateway.   Today people deploy fairly expensive devices to do those functions for a customer with a 5-20Mbps circuit. You could probably run 200 firewall instances on a single x86 server in the "cloud" for that amount of traffic.  


10/3/2013 | 12:17:55 PM
Virtualization centralization
The question of how virtualized is too virtualized is already out there. Now, the question of how much centralization is too much joins it, and is sure to generate a lot of debate.

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