Test Driving TD-LTE Advanced
psorsky 10/3/2013 | 1:48:46 AM
High Speed with PIM ? Both LTE and LTE Advanced speeds are extremely impressive - although such data rates can never be achieved in the "real world" without a massive focus on PIM and the elimination of poor quality RF components, antennas, combiners, filters etc. You cannot change the laws of physics.
mendyk 10/1/2013 | 8:45:53 AM
Re: Not for the suburbs Deployment will hinge on how aggressive operators want to be in going after mobile broadband subscribers. If there's a serious push to challenge wireline broadband services, then we'll see more extensive coverage in noncommercial zones. This is likely to start out with some trial balloons in cherry-picking areas (wealthier burbs with older wireline infrastructure). This could be an interesting test of whether mobile broadband can in fact supplant wireline (probably not, but who knows, especially if the price is right).
R Clark 10/1/2013 | 7:47:56 AM
Not for the suburbs Impressive numbers. Huawei usually talks up the potential of TDD for densely populated Asian citie, but with the small cell-centric configuration that seems to make sense.

Wouldn't demand in North America be limited to a few downtown areas and spot coverage in malls and sports arenas?
MarkC73 10/1/2013 | 3:27:05 AM
Re: TD-LTE A apps That sounds really cool, do you know what the typical latencies you see between device and first wired point.  Were the wireless receivers all wired on the backhaul?  And yes with that kind of bandwidth on the move, it will be exciting to see the applications and devices that put it to use.
bergea 9/30/2013 | 5:52:03 PM
Re: TD-LTE A apps Since this was a network technology demo, it may have been too early to see any new services in action.   I only mentioned those that could benefit the most from the  speed and capacity of TD-LTE Advanced - such as mobile telepresence, 3D HDTV and gaming.  I hope Softbank will start to commercialize these and other apps for its customers soon.   
Sarah Thomas 9/30/2013 | 5:42:39 PM
TD-LTE A apps Nice write up, Berge. I agree that seeing some new services in action would be interesting. Are the ones you mentioned - mobile telepresence, 3D HDTV and gaming -- ones that Softbank has commercialized for its customers already? What apps did you demo? Any noticeable differences from LTE or just primarily in the speed?
bergea 9/30/2013 | 3:52:13 PM
Re: Baseband Processing Since this was a trian network and test demo, Softbank and Huawei have not revealed the kind of baseband processor they used on the terminal side.  But I agree that getting closer to mass deployment and adoption of wider channel CA is extremely exciting.
milan03 9/30/2013 | 3:39:01 PM
Baseband Processing This is extremely exciting as we are getting a step closer to mass deployment and adoption of wider channel CA. I wonder what kind of baseband processor did they use on the terminal side? 
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