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9/25/2013 | 3:26:00 PM
Re: End User Biggest Factor
Good point. When you deliberate over the difference between security for smartphones and security for M2M apps, at least you know you can trust the machines not to do something stupid.
9/25/2013 | 12:39:45 PM
End User Biggest Factor
Not to say that teleocom firms can't do more, but no matter what they do, if the users don't follow safe practices, it won't matter.

Some of the most common passwords are "password," a sequence of numbers such as 1234 or something else that can be found via a simple search (phone, address, birthday).

Several people also put out too much info on social media.  Perhaps users should have to follow some simple security procedures just to activate a new phone.
9/25/2013 | 11:42:23 AM
Re: Many operators don't know what they don't know


Also, remember most malware is hosted on websites...many of which are legitimate.  So they not only need to watch their traffic, but their hosted content.

9/25/2013 | 9:27:21 AM
Many operators don't know what they don't know
Without getting overly Rumfeldesque, one of the issues this piece alludes to is that many operators still don't know what they don't know where malicious traffic is concerned.

An awful lot of them still don't know precisely how much malicious traffic they are carrying - either as a conduit to third party end targets (consumer's devices or the networks of enterprise customers) or bound for their own network elements.

When operator CTOs do bother to open up the kimono they are often alarmed at the variety, volume and sophistication of the malicious traffic they are actually carrying in their own networks. This is driving greater awareness of the potential damage some of this traffic can do their own networks or their customers or both.

Particularly where the mobile network is concerned, most network outages and service degradations are still caused by cock-up rather conspiracy. But be in no doubt that attackers will try and close that gap in the coming years.

Each operator needs to determine for itself whether or not they are going to allow them to succeed.


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