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9/25/2013 | 1:52:44 PM
Re: Hesse: Turnaround king?
IMO there are 3 main factors that will determine Sprints future:

1. Network: Sprint has historically had an inferior network both in terms of general and in-market coverage, but the combination of "Network Vision" and the funds that were so lacking to actually go about building a more comprehensive network with enormous spectrum holdings are finally there. So in this criterion he's had the plan and laid the groudnwork to run once the resources become available so it's a matter of time.

2. Customer loyalty. All the numbers point to them correcting the horrible legacy Sprint CS, and the complaints that can't be resolved by agents should be resolved as the new network's improvements begin to trickle down. Vote +1 for Dan on again doing the best with the cards he was dealt.

3. Marketing/mindshare: no matter how good they become as a network they are perceived as a bundering low-quality network, and to my opinion Dan has been fairly weak on that front, especially when you compare him to John Legere @ Tmobile who managed to enliven the TMo image with zero change to the network (customers have yet to see any practical coverage/speed benefits from the merger).
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9/25/2013 | 9:19:00 AM
Re: Hesse: Turnaround king?
He must be pleased. Especially since only just last year there was a lot of talk about how the board was starting to distance themselves from him because they didn't want to go down with the ship.

I personally look forward to more black and white ads featuring dapper Dan!

They need to get those LTE speeds and coverage improved or 2018 will come much sooner than he thinks.
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9/24/2013 | 10:50:50 PM
Re: Hesse
Hesse has been in the sector forever, and has proven himself very level-headed over the years, even when hawking fringe-appeal ideas like free space optics. He is the sort of guy who, if he was my neighbor and I was going out of town for a long period of time, I would totally trust him to water my plants, bring in the mail and make sure a few lights were left on every night to make it look like someone was actually there.
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9/24/2013 | 7:33:28 PM
Mr. Son just really likes him.  Sprint and Hesse worked hard for Mr. Son to win Sprint from Dish's purchase or participation.  The Sprint duopoly fighting battleship is 1/2 way across the ocean, and so not a good time to switch captains.  I wonder if we get eventually a "triopoly"? 
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9/24/2013 | 5:30:47 PM
Re: Hesse: Turnaround king?
I thought only the New York Yankees gave out such long-term deals, and even they are coming to regret that strategy.
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas,
User Rank: Blogger
9/24/2013 | 4:50:46 PM
Re: Hesse: Turnaround king?
I think that's fair to say -- he started with customer service. The network stuff is obviously taking longer, but Sprint is clearly on the right track now. Dan's the Man.
User Rank: Blogger
9/24/2013 | 3:46:34 PM
Hesse: Turnaround king?
What do you think has Hesse managed to  turn the company around?

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