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MarkC73 9/28/2013 | 10:27:20 PM
Re: 4K defined Great, everytime I upgrade... but I guess that means LED TVs will get a whole lot cheaper, just in time for the holidays.
saikat.prabhakar 9/28/2013 | 1:25:36 PM
Re: Here's the article... 


no comments on credibility though..... :)
junzhou 9/23/2013 | 9:09:08 PM
Re: I am pretty interested in the resolution of human eye, could please provide further detail  information how it is calculated? thanks
Liz Greenberg 9/23/2013 | 7:07:42 PM
Re: 3DTV is dead! I think that 4K has a much better shot than 3D.  It doesn't require extra expensive glasses to enjoy and one can have a lot of people watching it all at once...just like a regular HD TV.  To really gain traction, content and delivery must match the timing and expectations of consumers.
Kishore Karnam 9/20/2013 | 9:28:24 PM
Re: Ultimately, all these will have to lead to Virtual Reality (if you are not there in person). That is the culmination of viewing experience of any event - drama or real. Need to see when this service will become a reality!
saikat.prabhakar 9/20/2013 | 3:50:45 PM
Re: Food for thought : Someone in the wise world took efforts to calculate that the resolution for human eye is 576 MP...so there is much more scope than 4K UHD for a real-life experience. If operators can support, then sky is the limit for couch potatoes :)
albreznick 9/16/2013 | 12:25:24 PM
Re: 3DTV is dead! I'm with you there. 3D TV is most definitely dead. I think the big question with 4K will be how well it can be supported. Both service and content providers really have to upgrade their capabilities to make it a reality. So let's see if the CE manufacturers can now sell the concept to consumers and drive strong demand for it.  
PoulAr 9/16/2013 | 11:09:54 AM
3DTV is dead! Everybody will be able to enjoy and appreciate Full-HD and UltraHD 4K TV. 3D TV was supposed to change TV experience but failled to get any traction. Can we declare 3D TV as a hype from the past that hasn't got much traction?

In a nutshell, 3D TV is dead!
GarrettChoi 9/12/2013 | 2:57:13 PM
Re: 4K defined Additionally, most (digital) movies you see in theatres are 4k.  "If it's good enough for World War Z, it's good enough for me!"  
Sarah Thomas 9/12/2013 | 12:58:07 PM
Re: 4K defined Thanks, Mike. Fun times, indeed! I've seen regular HD on very high-quality LED TVs, and it looks immersive -- like you are there in the show, which was scary because we were watching Dark Knight. Anyway, 4K sounds impressive. Much more interesting than 3DTV, IMO.
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