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[email protected]
9/10/2013 | 10:07:19 AM
Re: Einstein
:) Hi Dan, you're spot-on.  AT&T in January had $125k in prizes on offer, including a Chevy Volt with an MSRP of $40k.  Has anything been launched with 'Good Time' the winner of $30k, or other winners, or myaNumber who was interviewed on stage, what's happened there?  

Telecoms is a $2T industry that has not yet created a viable developer ecosystem, instead tries to ride on the coat-tails of Apple and Android, and are considereded irrelevant by developers in those communities. 

We need to get focused on where real business is being generated today.  There are thousands of Telecom Application Developer successes like:
  • Ask Ziggy adds Siri-like capabilities to a business's phone number;
  • Babelverse provided a universal translator of the spoken word, powered by a global community of remote interpreters;
  • BLI Messaging helps schools communicate with students' parents quickly;
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield STATchat is a fast, free and simple way to talk with a provider services representative after a healthcare provider (usually a doctor or dentist's secretary) has searched online for the answer to a claims status or eligibility question;
  • Calliflower is a web and audio conference service for both local and international meetings;
  • Calltacular simplifies the processes of call centers with an application that combines customer management and lead management tools allowing their clients to track, learn and understand more about their customers;
  • Crunched improves sales and marketing performance;
  • delivery.com focuses on truly representing the local businesses within a neighborhood;
  • Imprezzio helps its Fortune 100 financial and insurance customers with a full-featured, affordable solutions to manage every facet of the customer life-cycle;
  • HealthSense.com is a telehealth system that saves people's lives;
  • MeuTarô is a marketplace for astrological consultants;
  • Quobis QoffeeSIP provides a corporate WebRTC webphone;
  • RadioWaves created low cost, highly integrated call center;
  • Speak2Leads enables businesses to respond almost immediately to a customer lead, with six in total carefully timed contact attempts;  
  • TextGen extends a business's phone number into a text service; and
  • Zingaya embed a 'Call' button into the website.

These are all made possible by Telecom APIs, WebRTC, telecom application platforms and free and open source telecom software.  TADS, www.tadsummit.com, is an independent grassroots initiative, focused on trying to build the telecom application ecosystem based simply on what's happening in the market.
Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson
9/10/2013 | 9:56:33 AM
Strategic suppliers as roadblocks?

I was intrigued by the recommendation that telcos "retake control of internal service innovation from their so-called "strategic suppliers" that have stifled it"  -- can you explain that one a bit more? Are telco vendors inserting themselves as gatekeepers?

9/10/2013 | 8:48:37 AM
"The word "genius" isn't applicable in football. A genius is a guy like
Norman Einstein." --Joe Theisman, NFL football quarterback


Per your article, a lot of big telcos still haven't got the message about hackathons and whatnot though, they're still going on, planning more etc. So are they getting something out of them?
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