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ship_it 12/4/2012 | 9:51:25 PM
re: Zwan Responds on DIGL Stock Deals You must be on to something Scott.
Animals will turn and bite when cornered. From the sounds of that letter, Zwan's rear is up against the wall. Not to worry about him, because $348M will buy a lot of JD diploma's to protect against chafing.

R. Scott, sharpen your pencil, or recharge your Palm and get back out there. There's probably other plenty more "legal" but unsalutary maneuvers at other Telecom Tech companies. No doubt financial reporting is more difficult, but don't let that stop you. Just dig a little deeper next time.

As to Dr. Bryan Zwan, we shouldn't be hard on him either. He's just an old school capitalist, that never bought into the "corporate citizen" bull. At least DIGL has real products, and fine ones at that. When things were good we should have been thanking the doc.
Hey Reese, since we know you're reading, why don't you give Bryan a big wet kiss of thanks from all of us in the chat land of lighten-up reading? Which ever cheek is closest.

Ship It

fiberlurker 12/4/2012 | 9:51:24 PM
re: Zwan Responds on DIGL Stock Deals so let me get this straight...

this website publishes news, clearly labels it as such, delivers the headlines to us via email, we in turn link directly to the published news story and read it as part of our email newsletter reading experience, and later, they change the content of the news story and never bother to tell anyone?

and this board is trying to figure out what's wrong with the picture?

I'm just ramblin.
Fiber Xpert 12/4/2012 | 9:51:14 PM
re: Zwan Responds on DIGL Stock Deals Well, those of us who know digital know it is a very "special" company.

And all of us reading LR enjoy the Spice from their editorialistic approach.

But one thing trully bothers me:

whenever a reader(most likely a knowledgeable industry member) critisizes LR content, the LR reply tone is unequivocally laced in "top of the crop", "we-know-best" kind of arrogant attitude.

As a reader I have lost a lot more respect for LR from this attitude than from the content itself.

Obviously, LR is still riding on its own telecom "bubble". Too bad, they may learn the hard way that what goes around comes around, as readers are also the same guys buying adds in the media...

(once again, did you notice we can't put a rating on the editors' posts!)
Optical_Mantra 12/4/2012 | 9:51:14 PM
re: Zwan Responds on DIGL Stock Deals Although Zwan does not contradict the main focus of the post (that he is evil) they believe the post paints him in a false light and would like to make the following clarifications:

1) Dr. Zwan does not now and has not ever had any ambitions or intentions to take over the world.
2) Dr. Zwan is only a minority shareholder in the Doomsday corporation, and does not exercise any direct control over the Doomsday Device.
3) The alleged secret military base is actually a papaya farm in an undisclosed location with only civilian applications.

"Doomsday" and "Doomsday Device" are registered trademarks of Doomsday LLC, a Delaware limited libility corporation. All rights reserved.
OptixCal 12/4/2012 | 9:51:12 PM
re: Zwan Responds on DIGL Stock Deals Gawd!
Another example of the "Rikki Lake-Jerry Springer" mentality. Is this how our society is now to be perceived? The reporting of a perceived industry "crook" by a perceived industry "watchdog" both guilty of trying to take advantage of shareholders, employees and the industry in general? This is a hideous attempt on the part of LIGHTREADING to feed off of our own morbid curiosity and bloated need for sensationallism as well as this particular CEO to bleed Digital Lightwave for his own apparently greedy purposes. I'm just surprised this story isn't in the "Enquirer" CEO does battle with Alien Publication in attempt to secure a shareholder baby...

God help us all....
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