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lrdr 12/4/2012 | 10:47:40 PM
re: Zhone Rezhones (Again) He's still on the website, if that means anything.
And they have recently updated the website so it doesn't include all the locations that don't exist anymore, and the jobs no longer have listings.
techoriginol 12/4/2012 | 10:47:37 PM
re: Zhone Rezhones (Again) No they haven't gotten their UE9K or for that matter the UE9000 remote working yet. And with the layoffs they will never get these shelves working - they just want to fool the investor
into believing that they are financially healthy. The way I look at it an investor is better off flushing his money down the toilet than to invest in this company.

If I was working at Zhone I'd be polishing up my resume.
AAL6 12/4/2012 | 10:47:36 PM
re: Zhone Rezhones (Again) they are betting on MALC not BAN.
How that'll fly, I don't know - it's supposed to be positioned as VERY cheap access mux.
sam_finley_breese 12/4/2012 | 10:47:35 PM
re: Zhone Rezhones (Again) >No they haven't gotten their UE9K or for that >matter the UE9000 remote working yet. And with >the layoffs they will never get these shelves

This is wrong. There are people out there right now with reliable dialtone served by UE9K and UE9000 Remote shelves. These products do work and work well enough to pass RBOC quality standards. Of course, having a quality product doesn't guarantee sales.
ericidletone 12/4/2012 | 10:47:33 PM
re: Zhone Rezhones (Again)
About the MALC: it was designed as an
RT for the BAN basically. I guess you could
use it as a standalone mux, but there are so many
better ones made by companies with real ATM
knowledge, rather than Zhone which basically
has one guy who knows an ATM cell from
a cash machine, now that their ATM group has
basically run screaming from the building.
So they can't be betting on the MALC as a
standalone product, but rather as a way
to sell a complete access network.

If anyone can make that work, it's Uno Mehta,
their engineering director. So there's a chance.
The biggest probem they have is the same as
all the rest of the god-box packet crowd,
and that's the extreme expense and proprietary
nature of delivering narrowband service over
packet. The MALC's not gonna help that a bit.

As far as the rest of the engineering team,
yes it's a sweatshop but those folks really
*like* to sweat and many of them are in fact
pretty happy there.

I expect Mory will indeed IPO fairly soon; he
needs to in order to keep the ball rolling.
However, he does have some other avenues for
financing besides the markets, and being the
stubborn *** that he is, I don't expect him
to give up and walk away from Zhone before
proving whatever it is he's trying to prove.
Besides, imagine the temper tantrum Jeannette
would throw if he gave up...
nzzhone 12/4/2012 | 10:47:33 PM
re: Zhone Rezhones (Again) It's old outdated technology. Their new stuff is junky because Jeanette couldn't manage her way out of a paper bag. She should have stayed a lab rat and never gotten into management. Ascend succeeded in SPITE OF HER. It's a good thing the market was so hot then and companies were willing to buy their junk.

So what has Mory built now, just a "holding" company for old technology that some RBOCs are still buying a little of right now to maintain the status quo?

When the telecom market really turns and the RBOCs need the real next generation equipment, the BAN and whatever else they have won't cut it and the investors will be left with nothing. This time there won't be a big stupid bohemouth company run by a playboy waiting to buy them for $20 billion.

The suckers are all sucking wind now. Zhone will be exposed for what it is: A worthless, dysfunctional sweatshop run by overrated people.

brownwall 12/4/2012 | 10:47:25 PM
re: Zhone Rezhones (Again) Actually, most of Zhone's revenue does come from the Accessnode, but not in sales of new nodes. It is coming from selling parts. When Nortel discontinued the Accessnode line, the customers scrambled to buy parts and replacement cards. This was a large amount of Zhone's income. It came from old inventory acquired from Nortel.

Of course the income is stretched out. Some of the earlier income wasn't reported and they will use it to pad the thinner quarters. Walaa, a
nice profit stream. Remember, it's not how good you are, it's how you look!

And yes, the UE works. However, I don't know how much sales they are getting for it. The customers that were used to the Nortel days don't care much for the wheeling dealings going on now. They like to have their hand held while they work on their system. Zhone has been lopping off those hands left and right (pun intended:) They want service and someone to help them out. Zhone laid most of those people off.

>>>Today, most of Zhone's revenue comes from AccessNode. I would be curious to find out if they have made the UE work properly yet, as Nortel had not yet done so.
willywilson 12/4/2012 | 10:46:46 PM
re: Zhone Rezhones (Again) I dont know who would buy them. They really
don't have anything that anyone would want.

As far as raising money, if they have already
gone through half a billion dollars, who is
going to bring enough new money to the table,
even in a washout, to keep a company going
that can burn through money like that.


You mean the venture capitalists in Silicon Valley will no longer throw hundreds of millions of other people's dollars at arrogant people with stupid ideas? What is to become of capitalism?
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